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Credit Assistance Network Reviews

For more than a decade, the Credit Assistance Network has brought dogged determination to its battle against inaccurate credit reports. By disputing each erroneous item until creditors agree to correct it, the company has proved itself to be a tireless champion of the rights of consumers. If you want the higher credit score you deserve, not to mention the borrowing opportunities that come with it, why not let the professionals with the Credit Assistance Network fight the battle for you?

About Credit Assistance Network

As job descriptions go, the Credit Assistance Network favors “credit improvement” over “credit repair” because the job of fully restoring a client’s credit is no simple matter. It’s a complicated process, and the company has assigned itself the mission of improving credit scores with the know-how required to navigate the choppy waters of credit repair. How successful has it been? Its glowing record of satisfying customers and its consistently outstanding ratings by the Better Business Bureau will give you an idea.

What Separates Credit Assistance Network?

The Credit Assistance Network guarantees results with its meticulous approach to getting credit-report errors corrected. The process includes submitting your list of disputes to the Experian, Equifax and TransUnion credit bureaus, which will then hand down verdicts on the submitted items’ accuracy. Based on the findings, your team will send letters to creditors specifying the disputes. Within 45 days, you can expect to receive revised credit reports that reflect the alterations the creditors have made. If the reports still include errors, your team will revisit the dispute process. And it will continue to revisit it for as long as inaccuracies continue to appear.


  • A specialist in credit, debt and loans will thoroughly examine your credit report and advise you regarding the next steps. Then, upon your official enrollment, your team members will tackle the nitty-gritty of determining which items they will dispute.
  • Many repair companies have 15-item limits unless you agree to pay the extra fee. The Credit Assistance Network, on the other hand, allows you to dispute 45 credit-report items.
  • Secure account portals are accessible online 24 hours a day. Clients can visit them for real-time updates on their cases. They’re also the place to raise questions for the specialists on your team to answer.

How Much?

In the confusing world of credit issues, no one’s circumstances are the same. Accordingly, the Credit Assistance Network takes a unique approach to each unique case. The monthly fee for the company’s services runs from $47 to $139, but the exact fee for your case will depend on the circumstances. No matter what the cost, the amount you can save on future loan interest and the value in the piece of mind in knowing you’re taking care of your credit problems is substantial.

Final Recommendation

On the company website, the Credit Assistance Network reports that it’s succeeded in helping every single client it’s had the pleasure of working with since its founding in 2004. When you consider its dedication to defending consumer rights, it’s a claim that’s not hard to believe. With an impeccable record of compliance with industry regulations, the Credit Assistance Network is a leading light in an often-murky business that can be difficult to navigate. Now you have the knowledge you need to make the right choice after reading our Credit Assistance Network Reviews.

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