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CreditRepair.com Reviews

Waking up and finding an error on your credit report or just a bad credit score can be a very tiring and problematic thing that can affect taking out a loan or even signing up for a credit card. Things we once thought were easy and simple will turn into difficult tasks. That is why it is important to speak with a professional about what you can do and how you can maneuver this ridiculous process.

About CreditRepair.com

CreditRepair.com breaks the process up into three easy steps and really attributes today’s new technology to their success rate. They must know since they have been helping people repair their credit for 15 years. With phone and email applications, you can be connected to your case 24 hours a day. This makes it easy to see if the problem has been fixed right away or not. They also recognize that every credit situation is going to be different, which is why they come up with personalized plans of action for each and every one of their customers.

What Separates CreditRepair.com?

CreditRepair makes every effort to give the customer a personal experience. Many of the testimonials emphasized that Credit Repair made them feel more relaxed about the Credit Repair process. When looking for a credit repair company, you want a team of people that will be fully behind fixing your credit or increasing your credit score. You need someone who is proactive but also emotionally supportive during a very psychologically draining time.


  • First, CreditRepair.com will retrieve your credit reports and break it down to make it understandable for the customer. They will come up with a personalized game plan to achieve your goals when it comes to credit repair.
  • Direct communication is achieved between your representative and the credit companies to dispute the error and confirm that the company knows that this is a problem.
  • You can check your progress with a personal online dashboard, a score tracker, analysis of your score, mobile applications, Transunion credit monitoring, and text and email alerts. This means you have 24/7 access to the progress being made.

How Much?

  • The program is $89.95 a month not including tax, plus a one $12.99 processing fee for each credit report pull.

Final Recommendation

During the credit repair process, you want someone who is going to fight for your cause. Credit repair not only repairs your credit (no pun intended), but they will provide the necessary emotional support to get you through this time. They treat each customer like an individual, and they do not tackle every situation the same way. Credit Repair comprehends that every credit situation needs to be treated in a unique and individual way. The best case scenario is that you come out a winner and your credit is fixed in a matter of months.

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6 Reviews for “CreditRepair.com”

  1. Tatiana Burke says:

    I have worked at a bank for many years and I was embarrassed that I was helping people to manage their finances, but yet I had a credit card debts. After the economic crisis in ‘08, I lost money in stocks and my retirement fund was wiped out. I had no other choice, but to pay my bills with my credit cards. Eventually, it got out of hand and I started accumulating a lot of debt. I contacted CreditRepair.com to see if they could help me and they did. I’m pleased with the results and know I can finally start rebuilding my financial nest egg.

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  2. Corrina Joseph says:

    You are not financially free until you are debt free. One way to get out of financial debt is to pay off your debts. CreditRepair.com can help you achieve your goal and finally become financially stable.

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    Rating: +10 (from 30 votes)
  3. Gary T. says:

    I was extremely hesitant about finding a credit repair company online to help me settle my finances. I’ve heard many stories about people losing money over certain credit repair services. When I found out about CreditRepair.com, it was too good to be true. They offered the exact services that I needed to help my personal situation. However, I was skeptical because I have tried services in the past and it didn’t work out well. I was finally able to pay off my debts and get my financial house in order. CreditRepair.com saved my life! I am so grateful for them helping me.

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    • Katrina Sills says:

      I love working with creditrepair.com because they made my debt management feel attainable. I was so scared to start the process but I feel relieved now. creditrepair.com has made it very easy and I’m glad I’m not in a ball crying about money.

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  4. Laurie Bisner says:

    I have been in the same industry for 10 years but I have only started making considerably more money in the past two years. I am now able to make larger payments on my debt but it felt like I wasn’t paying it down fast enough. That’s when I decided to go with a credit repair company and came across creditrepair.com online. They seemed no-nonsense and to the point, which I appreciate. We are just four months in and I can already see my credit score is improving. There is nothing else I would choose to do for myself than get a credit repair company that is honest. It’s worth the money!

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  5. Eddie Pierce says:

    I love creditrepair.com. This company helped me get my credit score up. I didn’t think that I would ever see the day when I would be approved for a car loan without a co-signer. It was probably the most proud I have been of myself for a long time. It is because of creditrepair.com that I was able to get my financial situation back on track. From the very start, they were friendly and helped me figure out my needs and what I had to do to get there. They worked with my creditors and collection agencies to help get me the best chances of avoiding bankruptcy. If anyone else finds themselves with poor credit and is serious about doing something about it, I would definitely recommend creditrepair.com as a way of aiding you through the process. Repairing your credit is possible. Of course it is not going to be a quick process, but it can be painless. I am happy I let the experts help me through this tough time in my life because I enjoying the benefits of having good credit once again. Do not be afraid to give these guys a call and find out more.

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