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  • $59 Setup Fee & $59 mo.
  • 22 Years in the Business
  • Great Standing with the BBB
  • Discount for Spouses – 50%
  • Call for Free Assessment: 888-906-3577

Sky Blue Credit Reviews

Improving your credit score and disputing errors is hard to do alone. Sky Blue Credit can help you in with this complicated process. A Sky Blue Credit employee will help you answer any questions that you might have. Not to mention, services are affordable and accessible for anyone who needs them. When you sign up for Sky Blue Credit, you will no longer feel like a lost puppy in the tough world of credit reports and scores.

About Sky Blue Credit

Sky Blue Credit has been around since 1989 and supports their client while they improve their credit scores and remove unwanted errors from their credit reports. The repair service not only makes every effort to fix their clients credit, but their goal is to also improve their client’s lives.

What Separates Lexington Law?

One thing to know about Sky Blue Credit is they do dispute errors on your credit report, however they do not meet the legal requirements. Their services are affordable which means that it is easy for future clients to attain. Their approach is simple and well thought out, to ensure that their clients understand what is going on in the process.


  • Sky Blue Credit requires three-bureau (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) credit report. This is because they want a tri-merge report. If you are unable to do this they will recommend you a low cost service that will be able to help you.
  • If you are unhappy with Sky Blue Credit, you can easily get a full refund of your money. They are confident enough in their services that they can help you in your endeavors.
  • Five items can be disputed every 35 days.

How Much?

  • There is one-time system fee of $59
  • There is a monthly fee of $59
  • If you sign up with a spouse, they are able to get half off of their monthly fee. But make sure you sign up at the same time.
  • You are able to cancel at anytime, there is no obligation

Final Recommendation

Fixing credit report discrepancies can become messy, it can totally affect a person’s life; but it does not have to be. Sky Blue Credit is confident in their services and can help you answer any questions that you might have. Call a Sky Blue Credit representative now to see if this service is right for you.

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Sky Blue Credit, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1743 ratings

8 Reviews for “Sky Blue Credit”

  1. Tara Blankford says:

    After 15 years out of college, I finally decided to apply for a student loan to go back. I was denied because of my credit card debt. Sky Blue Credit helped me to get my finances back in order. Now I’m back in school!

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    Rating: +27 (from 45 votes)
  2. Sarah Mcdonald says:

    Credit card debt not only lowers your credit score, it can prevent you from getting a job, a new house, new car – you name it. I didn’t realize how serious credit was. I took my good credit for granted and winded up completely ruining it. Thankfully, there are solutions out there for people with bad credit. I found out about Sky Blue Credit from a co-worker. He had credit problems and was able to raise his score. I gave them a try and today, my credit score has improved. I can apply for the things I want and not worry about my past credit history.

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    Rating: +20 (from 30 votes)
  3. Darlene Conrad says:

    needed to apply for a new car, but they insisted that I pay a large down payment. When I asked them why – they said that my credit rating was very low. I went online to get a free credit report to see what was really going on with my credit. Then I decided to hire a credit repair company. I came across a company called Sky Blue Credit. I gave them a call and the representative answered all the questions I needed to know about their service. Today, I am halfway debt-free. I was even able to get my credit score higher after paying down some of my debt.

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    Rating: +16 (from 32 votes)
    • Barbara Gold says:

      If you’re already in debt sometimes it can feel like spending more money on a credit repair company is the last thing you need to do. I was in this boat only six months ago. I’d paid down a lot of debt on my own but because my interest rates were so high, it was hard for me to catch up. I talked with Sky Blue Credit Repair and they immediately created a plan that made it possible for me to get a handle on my debt. It’s a smart move if you are serious about repairing your credit long term.

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  4. Jacob Vernon says:

    After not being able to find a good paying job for the past 5 years, I finally came across a good job with excellent pay and benefits. I live in Chicago and I had to fly out to New York City to apply for the position. The interview went smoothly and I assumed that I had the job. They invited me for a second interview. During the interview, they asked me if I can fill out a form for a credit check. I had no idea that the position required a credit check. I had a couple of issues with paying my credit cards. I filled out the form and crossed my fingers that my credit issues wouldn’t affect the job. After all, I’m worth a lot more than a credit score, I have 15 years of experience and I have a masters degree. Surely, they wouldn’t decide against hiring me because a couple of outstanding credit card balances. Boy was I wrong! I didn’t get the job due to my credit. I finally decided to do something with my credit by contacting Sky Blue Credit. I was able to split up my credit card payments so that I could pay them off. Now I have no outstanding debts thanks to Sky Blue Credit.

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    Rating: +20 (from 30 votes)
  5. Lena Escotes says:

    Basically I hate paying attention to how much money I blow, which is why I am in this predicament. Sky Blue Credit Repair is helping me understand how to manage my finances and pull me out of this hole of debt. It feels great.

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  6. Yvonne Marshall says:

    I was really happy with my experience with Sky Blue Credit Repair. As with many people I was skeptical about whether or not a credit repair company could actually help someone like me. I had horrible credit and was considering bankruptcy. I simply could not keep up with creditors with their phone calls, letters, and constant harassment. But I took a chance on Sky Blue Credit Repair and I am so happy that I did. Not only did they access my credit score and creditor situation, they walked me through the steps it would take to get the creditors off my back and slowly build my credit back up. That is the name of the game: slow. Credit repair is not a quick fix, but if you stick with it you can get your credit score back up like I did. Though my credit score is not perfect, I have seen it rise and that is keeping me motivated to stick with the financial plan that Sky Blue Credit Repair helped me create for my unique situation. I would tell anyone who is considering bankruptcy to give Sky Blue Credit Repair a chance to help out. If I can repair my credit score, anyone else motivated also can.

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  7. Terrence Meller says:

    At some point we all have to grow up and that means watching our spending. I have already kicked two credit cards to the curb and I am working on the remaining two with Sky Blue Credit Repair. They are awesome to do business with.

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    Rating: +3 (from 3 votes)

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